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From chess matches in my earlier days to business classes at UNC, I've always enjoyed strategy. After college, I launched a startup in the consumer goods industry. My team believed our strategy was solid because it was a textbook style plan that had been reviewed by startup veterans. Unfortunately for us, our plan to go directly to retailers didn't work.

We had an epic product that produced great results, but we should have focused on eCommerce rather than building relationships with indecisive retailers and paying for unfruitful trade shows. We needed to connect with consumers who wanted our product now. This is how I became interested in digital advertising.

Fast forward a few months and I was attending Draper University, a premier startup program run by a leading Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley. After I learned about the power of ads from tons of other successful entrepreneurs and growth hackers in San Francisco, I wanted to help other businesses not make the same mistakes I did.

If you want to discover what I learned from people like the creator of Google Adwords, check out this 2min article.

Discover the Secrets of Silicon Valley


If you're like me, it's the bold ones who inspire us. We know this and yet all to often there is still this piece of fear inside us We can turn up the music, turn down opportunities, and keep trudging the same old paths. But what good does that do? 

This fear of failure is quite common, along with fears of what others think of us. They almost have tricked us into believing that we should ignore them, since they are natural after all. But right when we want to do something different or unique, they spark up like a fire and threaten us into thinking our lives are somehow at stake. The thing is, our lives are actually at stake. The good life that we desire is just a composition of all the little actions we take each day.

So in the midst of all of the chaos, or amidst the silence for some, what is left? What are we to do with the unknowns that we encounter so frequently? When fears or objections arise, I propose we secretly ask ourselves a new question.

What is the unknown,
but a call to adventure?

Even if you're in the midst of some unforeseen storm, no matter the shade of gray, I propose you and I listen differently to our hearts and step out into new challenges and vast frontiers. "Is anyone ever ready to take the leap?" you might cautiously ask. To which I'll calmly whisper back, "Take heart my friend... Just jump."

The Ruthvens at the Ruthven Castle Bodysurfing in California Hiker on Fox Glacier in New Zealand Paragliding in Queenstown


He has a pretty stellar creative mind and an unbelievable work ethic.

Scott McGuire, Dir of Gear
Ex The North Face

We were quite impressed with you... particularly with your analytic rigor.

Dennis Tseng, Sr Strategist

He is driven, hard working, and results oriented. He is unbreakable.

Tim Draper, Founder
DFJ Ventures

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