A GPS for Digital?

The digital ad space feels inextricably complex. This not only wears you out, but steals time away from all of your other work that needs to be done. So if you need help navigating the digital world, I want to be your GPS. I build digital sales machines through paid ads, epic design, and effective communication. 

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There is a lot of hype in this space, and tons of different firms out there saying that they have "miracle pills" that are filled with unicorns. To cut through the fluff, I read countless articles from industry leaders and spoke with the following:

  • Lead Developer of Google Adwords
  • Marketing Director of Rich Relevance
  • Merkle | RKG
  • CNP
  • SEO Firms

SEO Tips

4 Methods to Increase Website Traffic

Inbound Links

Inbound links are hyperlinks from other people's websites to your website. This could be anything from a news article about your company to a guest blog post that you wrote for another website.

Page Design

Better designed pages boost SEO by doing lots of things that Google favors. Both aesthetic and functional design are necessary.

  • Keep users engaged for longer periods of time.
  • Encourage users to visit more pages.
  • Help users find the right content so they don't leave your site prematurely.

Page Content

Page content is about the physical text and pictures. Some questions you could ask are: Is my page well written and engaging to my users? Does the page have too little or too much information?


Well crafted code is important because it is what search engines actually see. By including H1 fonts, meta tags, alt texts,, and tons of other code, you can drastically improve the traffic your site receives.

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